Let Your Skin Tell You if a Skin Care Line Works

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Skin Care Lines

There is so much information out there about ‘this is good for you’ or ‘that is not.’ We get confused trying to figure out who is telling us the truth. Most of us are leery of advertisers any more because they misrepresent their claims -- all for the bottom line. I know the feeling. I have heard so much about what is or is not good for our skin for years that I didn’t know who to believe any more. Therefore, I took matters into my own hands and went to school and became an esthetician. Now I have the skinny on things.

Regardless of what is good for your skin, only your skin will really let you know what it likes. Through the years, my skin has changed. I was born with a skin type of combination and today, my skin condition is sensitive. Our skin needs to be treated by the condition and not the type as we mature. If you continue to use products for your skin type, you will not see any results from the products you use and may wonder why your skin is reacting.

My skin reacts to products that it never did when I was younger. In order to determine if a product is good for your skin, you will need to use it exclusively for about two weeks to see how your skin responds. There are professional products that work well for the majority of people, but my skin reacted to some of them. It took some time, and with a little bit of patience, I discovered several lines that worked well for my skin. If someone recommends that a product is really good, ask for a sample size. Generally, you will know by the end of the sample if the product and your skin are a match.

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