Cystitis and Aromatherapy

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Ms. S. is a 20 years old and has had recur­rent cys­ti­tis. Con­ven­tional meth­ods of treat­ment to remove the bac­te­ria have so far failed, so the clinic decided to try a com­ple­men­tary approach. Ms. S. was in obvi­ous pain and anx­i­ety. The fre­quency of uri­na­tion was high and she had devel­oped an irri­ta­tion in the vagi­nal mucosa. One of the first steps was to assess the effects of her diet on the con­di­tion. We decided to alter or delete cer­tain foods. The main pri­or­ity was to boost her immune sys­tem. So her diet had to con­sist mostly of nutrient-rich, very fresh, unprocessed foods: steamed veg­eta­bles, sal­ads, with cel­ery and pars­ley, nat­ural whole grains, beans and pulses and a major reduc­tion of meats which stresses the kidneys.

We ensured she was drink­ing suf­fi­cient fluid 1.5–2 litres water per day, plus herb teas like sage, rose­hip and golden rod infu­sion. We also instructed her to use a bot­tle wash­ing pro­grammed [Shreeve] and to swab the gen­i­tal area with the infused waters from Cal­en­dula offic­i­nalis [1 heaped tea­spoon of flow­ers to a cup full of boil­ing water. Infuse and allow to cool, the strain. Apply after each visit to the toi­let.] In addi­tion, to the area around the blad­der Ms. S. was to apply for­mula con­sist­ing of 1 drop Thy­mus sat­ureiodies, 1 drop gin­ger, 1 drop manuka in 60 mls of cal­en­dula cream once per day for 10 days [der­mal appli­ca­tion]. A heat pad was placed over the appli­ca­tion for ten min­utes, at heat set­ting num­ber 2. She also took a course of aci­dophilus tablets, one tablet threes times a day. We use the Bach flower reme­dies on almost all our clients a d so we did in Ms. S.‘s case. I rec­om­mend them whole­heart­edly as the results so far have been very good.

Since embark­ing on this course of treat­ments, and in a rel­a­tively short time, the sever­ity of Mrs. S.‘s cys­ti­tis has come under con­trol and her gen­eral health has dra­mat­i­cally improved.

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