Essential Oils and Irritable Bowel Disturbances

Posted by Kathleen Flanagan on

Mrs. C. is a 34 year old and just married. She has no children but is hoping to start a family in the near future.

For the last 9 months she has had a continuing problem of bowel disturbances. These have been investigated by the normal orthodox methods within the hospital and she has been giving a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Mrs. C. had been giving some digestive relaxants and she had a session with the hospital dietician; she came to me to see if there was anything that could be offered in conjunction with conventional medicine.

I was pleased to look at the case as it so typified the kind we get at our clinic. The most noticeable feature was that Mrs. C. was extremely stressed; that was blamed on her working environment. Also she was not sleeping or eating at regular times. She did admit to following the dietary guidelines given - but only at the times that suited her working environment!

Full body aromatherapy massage treatment for relaxation was given, using oils at 1% dilution. The blend consisted of: geranium bourbon, ylang ylang and ginger.

I also suggested she try a specific, very gentle abdominal massage routine using peppermint, again in a 1% dilution, together with coriander seed at 0.5%. She received this treatment once a week.

Mrs. C. also agreed to a consultation for taking specially selected Bach Flower Remedies to counter her stress. We looked at ways she could develop a more relaxed approach to her work, and incorporated easy relaxation routines into her day, such as self-massaging appropriate shiatsu points. This combined strategy worked well. It brought a relatively swift turnaround, lowering Mrs. C.'s levels of stress and alleviating the major IBS symptoms within 3 weeks.

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