Irritable Bowel Disturbances

Mrs. C. is a 34 year old and just married. She has no children but is hoping to start a family in the near future.

For the last 9 months she has had a continuing problem of bowel disturbances. These have been investigated by the normal orthodox methods within the hospital and she has been giving a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Mrs. C. had been giving some digestive relaxants and she had a session with the hospital dietician; she came to me to see if there was anything that could be offered in conjunction with conventional medicine.

I was pleased to look at the case as it so typified the kind we get at our clinic. The most noticeable feature was that Mrs. C. was extremely stressed; that was blamed on her working environment. Also she was not sleeping or eating at regular times. She did admit to following the dietary guidelines given – but only at the times that suited her working     environment!

Full body aromatherapy massage treatment for relaxation was given, using oils at 1% dilution. The blend consisted of: geranium bourbon, ylang ylang and ginger.

I also suggested she try a specific, very gentle abdominal massage routine using peppermint, again in a 1% dilution, together with coriander seed at 0.5%. She received this treatment once a week.

Mrs. C. also agreed to a consultation for taking specially selected Bach Flower Remedies to counter her stress. We looked at ways she could develop a more relaxed approach to her work, and incorporated easy relaxation routines into her day, such a as self-massaging appropriate shiatsu points. This combined strategy worked well, It brought a relatively swift turnaround, lowering Mrs. C.’s levels of stress and alleviating the major IBS symptoms within 3 weeks.

Mrs.T. is a 63 year old lady with arthritic knees and hip joints. She was on so many allopathic drugs that her family doctor did not want to introduce yet more medication into her regime. So she was referred to our clinic by the GP to try a complementary approach.

We gave Mrs. T. a skin sensitivity test for essential oils and offered her a nutrition treatment plan which included removing from her diet those elements that were aggravating her arthritis.

The oils were selected primarily for their anti-inflammatory properties an were blended in dilution in a calendula cream carrier. They were: peppermint 1%, white birch 1%, yarrow 2% and green pepper 0.5%. She applied this cream mornings and evenings to the affected joints, and reported alleviation of symptoms within 10 days of her combined dietary/essential oils routine.

Aromatherapy Quarterly, Winter 1997 Article by Alan Baker, a clinical aromatologist.