Dancing Souls – Merging Heaven and Earth

Advance Your Soul’s Evolution

Face Down Your Demons. Begin a Journey to Enlightenment.

Dancing Souls: Merging Heaven and Earth – The Call

Kathleen M. Flanagan


Imagine …Walking a Path Similar to that of the Spiritual Masters …

… Feeling what they must have felt …and confronting the same demons that haunted them. After all, even after they became awake and aware of their mission in life – they were still mere mortals.

You’ll experience such a journey as you read Kathleen M. Flanagan’s authentic and gripping novel …

Dancing Souls: Merging Heaven and Earth – The Call.

You’ll walk side by side with, Destiny, as she awakens to her true spirit

and undergoes a heart-wrenching soul evolution.

The Ultimate Test …a Mission from the Creator

The Draconian race is trying to destroy the Earth …and they are succeeding. The Creator has a master plan to reverse this tragedy, and evolve Earth’s consciousness to a higher plane.

But success is far from guaranteed.

The Draconians are ruthless. A race dedicated to selfishness. Greed. Unrest and endless war. Their grip on the universal consciousness seems unbreakable.

But in Destiny, the Creator sees a glimmer of hope for Earth.

Kindness, gentleness, and loving compassion are woven deeply into the fabric of Destiny’s soul. Empathetic and light …she can hear, see and feel things beyond the physical plane.

Accepting a Quest …at the Risk of Losing Herself

Fearing Earth could be lost to the Draconians forever, the Creator keeps coming back to the same stark, unavoidable questions …

  • Who is ready to endure a grueling test?
  • Who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if necessary?
  • Who is willing to alter their DNA and memory to ensure the success of the Creator’s grand plan?

The “who” is Destiny. But what will propel her to accept such a quest? What will motivate her to alter her DNA, and wipe out all memory of who she is – and who she was?

What will convince Destiny to forfeit her life, and be reborn as a Draconian …with a connection to the Creator so deep and so hidden …there is no guarantee she will ever be aware of it.

Will Destiny be lost to the madness forever? Will she ever be found again?

Will she ever be able to connect with the Creator 

…and fulfill her true life mission?


… A Manual of how the Soul Evolves

Dancing Souls is the journey of an awakening spirit. It is the story of a soul …like you… that is constantly evolving and changing. During Destiny’s spiritual journey on this Earthly plane, you’ll walk step by step with her as you both …

  • Face down your hidden, and not-so-hidden, demons and fears
  • Discover the only true relief in life is to grow and evolve as a spiritual being
  • Learn to detach from Earthly drama – and fully participate in your life
  • Tap into an inner peace that comes when you learn to be still and receive
  • Become aware that you are never alone – no matter how lonely you feel

Dancing Souls artfully brings awareness to the truth that there is perfection

in every situation in which you find yourself.

Because within every situation, no matter how dark it may seem,

there is a message, a lesson and an invitation to grow.