Aromatherapy Natural Crèmes

Crèmescreme and daisiesAwakening Spirit’s light veil of moisture soothes, rehydrates and refreshes the body with a blend of aloe, seaweed and herbal extracts. Aloe vera has tremendous healing properties. The polysaccharides it contains from chemical bonds with water, creating the indgredient’s characterisc shield over the skin that keeps moisture in and pollutants out. The skin is more likely to resist dryness and inflammation. Chondrus crispus, derived from seaweed, also hydrates and nourishes. Certified organic herbal extracts of milk thistle and comfrey leaf support skin cell renewal. Also known as knitbone, comfrey has received attention in recent years as a medicinal plant, providing a source of vitamin B12 and the healing cell proliferant allantoin. It has been used for wounds, bruising and other skin complaints. The highest quality non-GMS, expeller-pressed safflower oil contributes more nourishment and lends suppleness to dry skin. Organic shea butter is a remarkable, all-purpose moisturizer and skin protector sourced from African shea nuts, purely processed with no bleaching agents.

Heavenly Dream Crème – It comes in a light, refreshing lemony scent. It makes you join the league of those who are enjoying the real deal. You can look chic, beautiful and full of poise with this unique product. This specially distilled cream helps to fill delicate fine lines and increase skin suppleness due to its high concentrate of Vitamins A, E and F. Lost Collagen and Fibronectin in the Skin have also been tested and proven to be revitalized by this product. The advanced formula used in the production of this dynamic moisturizing body cream is a reflection of the high commitment to research and development by the manufacturers. It is the ideal product for anyone who desires nature’s best. 8 oz.

Lavender Crème – The most appreciated among all the age groups, our Lavender Crème is an all time favorite of all the beautiful ladies. Complete crème for your body and hands! The rich aroma therapy will not only attract others but also gives a spiritual healing to your emotions and enhance psychological positivity!

It is a proven skin friendly crème of Awakening Spirit formulated with Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Seed Extracts, Leaf Extracts, and various other skin-friendly ingredients to nourish your skin and enhance its smoothness and glitter!

It elevates your self-confidence with an outstanding first impression!

A perfect gift for someone you love! 8 oz.

Lavender & Rose Crème – This crème is beyond comparison with any other crème in the market due to a perfect blend of enchanting rose aroma and lavender giving a complete soothing effect. No sooner you apply the crème on your body, it gets completely absorbed into your skin giving your skin a velvety touch. During the night before going to sleep if you put our Lavender & Rose Crème on your body not only will it act as an excellent moisturizer but awakens your bodily system while you are in a sound sleep by releasing various skin improvement vitamins.

The formulation of this unique body crème is the mixture of various skin-friendly ingredients that enhance the moisture adding vitality to your skin. Apply it in the night and keep skin wrinkles at bay to get a crystal clear and toned skin! 8 oz.

New Vibration Crème – A must for every woman who believes in the super strength of power and beauty. New Vibration Crème will not let you down. The formula of this unique cream is specially blended with the best available natural ingredients. A unique blend of Aloe Vera juice and Shea Nut Butter helps in recovering the damaged skin at a faster rate. The mixture of safflower seed oil, water, glycerin, and emulsifying wax helps your skin during night time with its miraculous effects.

It is never too late to start using New Vibration Crème and gain the results in a very short time!

Walk with pride and class and without exaggeration; this crème helps in communicating with the world with your smooth skin texture! 8 oz.

Victorian Nights – Establish waves of pure elegance and get a velvety-like effect on your skin with the aid of this beauty product. Nothing gives the right glow and prestige like the fresh flavors that ooze from Victorian Nights. The soothing power of this product has made it charm its users and help to create the right feelings. Luxury, grace, and power have never come in a better format than with this masterfully crafted body treatment solution. It has all the right trappings that make it a leading brand among those who discern its exquisite uniqueness. This product puts the seal of approval in your space as its scent lingers in the hearts of those who connect to your world. 8 oz.

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