Hair Care

ShampoosRelaxing SpaMichael’s Masterpiece – The Antimicrobial properties in this Shampoo deal with the microbes which try to attack your hair follicles. This means that you enjoy protection whenever you use this product on your hair. It has both cosmetic and healing virtue which makes it important for any discerning individual. The strengthened hair roots are achieved with the strengthening of the hair follicles. Essentially, no matter your hair type, you can enjoy that silky feel through the use of this amazing Shampoo. It is packed with nutrients that serve as a rich hair food for a wide range of people. It is ideal to make this part of your beauty product collections today. 8 oz.

Shea’s Revival – Irrespective of your hair type – normal to damaged – Shea’s Revival Shampoo is the perfection beyond improvement, containing African Shea Butter. Not only it is a perfect skin protector and moisturized but also nourishes the scalp by moisturizing it without making it greasy.

Shea’s Revival Shampoo is blended with ivy & Burdock, which is a proven mixture against dandruff. The main ingredient Shea is grown organically along with other constituents like Fenugreek (acts as a natural hair strengthener and shiner by coating & conditioning the hair shaft), Panthenol (increases the hair toughness from inside) and Hibiscus (enhances gloss).

Start a zealous day for you and your hair by making them silky and smooth after every use! 8 oz.


Rafael’s Crème – The ingredients of Rafael’s Crème give your hair a perfect styling support and also make your hair soft & silky. After applying your hair will never feel greasy or hard hair. Rafael’s Crème also regulates hair steadiness and curliness giving natural shine.

When applied softly over the scalp, it immediately starts nourishing the hair shaft & roots! The mixture of all the ingredients is formulated in such a manner that will impliedly strengthen hair, enhances hair growth giving an additional softness and shininess to your hair, right from its roots. It is also included with natural moisturizing ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein and vegetable glycerin to give an extra layer of protection and bounciness! 8 oz.

Untanglit – One of the finest conditioners formulated by Awakening Spirit; for all types of hair to add strength and shine. Along with superior quality ingredients, it also contains Jojoba seed oil which helps in the restoration of hair cuticle (outermost part of hair shaft).

Untanglit is blended with hydrolyzed wheat starch & wheat protein which not only balances the hair moisture but also reduces hair frailness and lameness. Panthenol and B-Vitamin reduce hair stress, enhances flexibility and serenity. It is a proven fact that Untanglit reduces the fly away hair (hair full of static cling, dryness and frizzy) giving extra bounce and spring! It also contains rare plant extracted fatty acids that enhance hair quality and management. 8 oz.