This light veil of moisture soothes, rehydrates and refreshes the body with a blend of aloe, seaweed and herbal extracts. Aloe vera has tremendous healing properties. The polysaccharides it contains from chemical bonds with water, creating the indgredient’s characterisc shield over the skin that keeps moisture in and pollutants out. Skin is more likely to resist dryness and inflammation. Chondrus crispus, derived from seaweed, also hydrates and nourishes. Certified organic herbal extracts of milk thistle and comfrey leaf support skin cell renewal. Also known as knitbone, comfrey has received attention in recent years as a medicinal plant, providing a source of vitamin B12 and the healing cell proliferant allantoin. It has been used for wounds, bruising and other skin complaints. The highest quality non-GMS, expeller-pressed safflower oil contributes more nourishment and lends suppleness to dry skin. Organic shea butter is a remarkable, all-purpose moisturizer and skin protector sourced from African shea nuts, purely processed with no bleaching agents.

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