Dancing Souls - Awakened

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Advance Your Soul’s Evolution
Face Down Your Demons. Begin a Journey to Enlightenment.
Dancing Souls: Merging Heaven and Earth – The Dark Night of the Soul
Kathleen M. Flanagan

Destiny Awakens …

Why are things still spiraling out of control?

In Book 3 of the Dancing Soul series, Destiny is totally lost. She is confused and is riddled with helplessness and hopelessness. She continually asks herself, Is there no light to the evil and darkness that has surrounded her?

The King of the Dark Lord focuses his sight and begins a massive seduction of Destiny’s mind and soul. His goal is for her to become the Queen of the Reptilian Essence, joining him on the dark side with the ultimate mission to destroy Earth. Will he succeed?

  • Will Bill become an ally … or a betrayer?
  • Will Ken be the ultimate supporter … or a betrayer?
  • Will the shackles that locked her down be removed … or will she be betrayed?
  • Will the Creator be there to the end … or become a betrayer?

The question Destiny struggles within her waking hours is: Will she have the internal strength to continue to stand up to others … or will she betray herself, as so many already have?

Eduardo and Rebecca, her longtime friends, continue to stand by her side with their words of encouragement and kindness. Yet she feels so alone as others create a revolving door of cloaked friendships.

Finally, the Draconian truth is revealed in Awakened. Can Destiny’s light continue to shine as she fights the increasing evil and hate circling the Earth? She is weary, exhausted and has been lost too long.

It’s time to be found and become free.

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