Stress Facts


Did you know that 70% of disease is caused by stress in the body and mind? Did you know that insomnia is a large indicator of the stress in your life? Did you know that you are assaulted by stress 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Can you put yourself in this scene?

You start your day by taking a shower. You use soap, shampoo and conditioner that are chemically derived, full of sulfates, ureas, fragrance, propylene glycol, etc. You get out of the shower and your skin itches, it’s dry and scaly. You dowse your body in lotion, full of mineral oil and alcohol – that clogs the pores so your skin can’t breathe and dries your skin out further.

You pick something up at a fast food restaurant loaded with fats, carbohydrates, preservatives and other chemicals; you are in traffic that never seems to end or lighten up – no matter what time of day! You are in your job that demands 110%. You may or may not eat lunch. If you eat lunch, it may be fast food again and you may eat at your desk.

You go home, in traffic again, only to take the kids to soccer practice. You may pick something up at a fast food restaurant or microwave something. You are exhausted, stressed and your day is not anywhere complete yet. You feel if you could just have a beer or glass of wine, it would help you to relax.

When you get home and finally get the kids down, you fall into bed with sheets that were washed in chemicals and fragrances. Only to start this scenario all over again. And you wonder why you are stressed!

We are assaulted daily by our:

  • Environment (traffic noise, crying baby, nagging adults);
  • Emotions (grief, anguish, heartbreak in all forms);
  • Physical (pushing your body too hard for too long, overeating, skipping meals, workaholism);
  • Mental (nagging anxieties that won’t go away e.g., unemployment, exams, financial worries); and
  • Chemical (things you eat, drink, breathe, e.g., sugar, drugs, smoke, alcohol, junk food).

When we are stressed, our body sends out signals in the form of aches, pains, illnesses, and mental and emotional disorders. If the stress is not eliminated or eased, the immune system begins to break down. Vital organs begin to falter – particularly the heart and lungs.

Now, are you ready to create a change in your life?

Essential oils are nature’s cure. The essential oils are the life force or blood of the plants. Plants also get stressed in their environment. They are learning to adapt to the weather changes, the pollution in the ground, air and water. They are surviving, and in most cases, thriving despite our best efforts to pollute their environment. The energy or essence from the plants is extracted and helps your body, mind and spirit adapt to the changes you are going through.

Plant essences can invigorate and stimulate, soothe and calm, refresh, rejuvenate, arouse, inspire, help with sleep and/or promote endurance. Can’t you use just a little bit of the benefits of essential oils? Do you think it would make your day just a little bit better and easier to get through if you felt you had the energy you needed or the tranquility and joy in doing what your life requires?

Just smelling the essential oils increases the blood flow to the brain and sends the message that “all is well with the world.” Wouldn’t that be a great way to start your day? Wouldn’t it be great to maintain that feeling throughout the day? Essential oils penetrate to the deepest layers of the psyche where stress has its roots.

Even the ancient Egyptians knew this. Knowledge lost through the centuries is now widely available, and more astute customers are asking for products that are first all-natural (chemical-free) and most importantly enhanced with essential oils.

When you start using personal care products that contain therapeutic grade essential oils, you will start to notice a difference in your health and well-being. You will immediately start feeling better, looking better and feel more at peace within your environment.

Awakening Spirit has a solution to every body care problem you may have! And, because we employ a body/mind/spirit philosophy, you will begin to feel positive change in your life on all levels. How can this be, you ask?

Awakening Spirit uses 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in all its products. Just making small changes in your life by switching personal care products will start a healthier lifestyle. If nothing else, your body will have some reprieve from all the stressors. Don’t you think that if you are more relaxed and peaceful, then a busy day would be a lot easier to handle?

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