The Awakening Spirit Story

I also found out people like me! I used to work for lawyers millions of years ago and my impression was they paid you well to treat you like crap. It really was a nasty environment but I didn’t know how bad until I left. I left when it was no longer fun and there was no longer a mutual respect with opposing counsel. It became who is the better lawyer. It had nothing to do with helping people. It was about taking their money. My opinion is once they got what they wanted from you is when they went to work to win your case. I actually experienced it and realized on a personal basis that my initial thoughts were right out it being about the money.

It feels so good to rid myself of my demons and discover I really am a remarkable person. I believe we all are once we dump the drama and baggage of what adults us as children. I am nothing what my family said I was. I guess that is why I no longer have a family. I am finally free!!! The world is my oyster. Strange how all those cliches that I have heard my whole life really are right on the money.

KKathleen Flanagan Portraitathleen Flanagan, CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, Esthetician and Author.