The Awakening Spirit Story

A friend of mine and I went to the botanical gardens and she told me that lavender was good for headaches. I thought she was crazy. I bought a bottle regardless because I was desperate. A headache was coming on so I smelled the oil. I went home and started cleaning my house and then I realized that I should have been in a full migraine and I wasn’t. I didn’t even like the smell of lavender back then. It worked. What I came to learn is that if I smelled the lavender before the headache anchored in, I was okay. Once it set in, nothing stopped it.

The day finally came when I could no longer take the migraines. I had just gotten out of scalding hot shower and I laid on the floor crying and begging God to take my life. I asked him “how can I do your work, if I can’t even move?” Truly, I wanted to die because the pain was just too much to take.

Shortly thereafter, I was talking to a co-worker and she suggested I see a naturopath. I had candida all over my body. I had to stop feeding it. She put me on Coptis, a Chinese herbal medicine. It was horrible! I had to take two bottles. She said no one ever had to take it as long as me. As the candida was dying, I smelled like bread (yeast). I also was very depressed because I felt it dying and it was not happy. It was very strange.

Kathleen Flanagan PortraitKathleen Flanagan, CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, Esthetician and Author.