The Awakening Spirit Story

Back in the beginning when I did shows, my ex-husband used to help. He was such a green eyed monster that if a man came into the booth, he would go crazy. At least he waited until the guy left before he started fighting. I had to get rid of the hostility to keep people coming in. I finally told him he was not welcomed to come along. I noticed that my sales were less when he was around. I think he had an oompa loopa vibe that kept people away. I did notice the booths that were doing good depended on the owner and their attitude. So, I emulated that behavior. I wanted to be successful and have people feel better through aromatherapy.

Kathyproduct3In 2001, we went from this look to what it is now. I hired a graphic designer to assist in creating the look I envisioned. I told him what I wanted and didn’t feel like I was conveying it very clearly. However, I was stunned when he showed me what I asked for. I swear he got inside my head! I loved my new look for the product line. I wanted to bring in the male market, and he was male, and it just seemed to work that the product was more gender neutral but still conveyed the concept.

We introduced the new look at the Extracts show in New York in April 2011. We were well received. I hired a publicist who turned out to be a thief. She was way over priced for what little she had done and then when I fired her, she kept my product and refused to return it. Over $5,000 worth of product that she claimed she needed to send to the magazine editors. I did get some press but no sales. 🙁   …  I cut my losses.

I loved my girl so much we decided to keep her for the corporate logo and the other logo you see is the product logo. As you can see, we just cleaned her up a bit.


Kathleen Flanagan PortraitKathleen Flanagan, CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, Esthetician and Author.