The Awakening Spirit Story

The Awakening Spirit Story

Then the 911 happened. The world came to a screeching halt. I barely survived. The internet was starting to ramp up so I spent a year learning everything that was out there so I could compete. After one year, the internet was changing again and I could not keep up with the fast pace turnover. I did come up on the first page under aromatherapy and essential oils without buying the key words. I was impressed with myself! I did everything I read and it actually worked. Sales just sucked! I came to the conclusion that you could not sell aromatherapy on the internet until a woman found me and wanted to sell my stuff as a drop shipper. I was shocked at what she was doing. She was a marketer and did everything – including spending a fortune on buying ads.

I plodded along for years. I became a sound therapist using tuning forks in 2002. I also became an esthetician in 2006. I wanted to start a wellness center incorporating everything I was doing. I worked in spas for a few years to get a handle on how everything worked. Again, the economy tanked.

My life was in the pits. I could not find a way out of what I had done to myself. I remember wondering how I moved out of my parents house at 17 and here I am now 49 unable to move at all! I just started putting one foot forward and created goals for myself. I wanted to leave the man I was with and start all over again. It was not easy and thank God Spirit told him to keep his mouth shut (I found that out years later). I kept seeing 555 everywhere. That means ‘hang onto your hat big changes are on the way.’ I kept looking and wondering.

Kathleen Flanagan PortraitKathleen Flanagan, CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, Esthetician and Author.

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