The Awakening Spirit Story

I worked in various spas starting in 2006. I ended up working with a nail tech at her spa. We hit it off fabulously. She said I ‘wooed her’ with all my ideas to build my business. She had a large clientele and she referred my services out to them which was a big help. She planned on moving her shop to where we were more visible but the space needed work. There was a lot of drama around that situation but we finally did get moved. I was incorporating sound therapy in my treatments and people were actually coming and having them done.

I was feeling so much better about myself as 2007 rolled out. There were a lot of twists and turns that year. My friend lost her shop in the summer. The landlord decided he didn’t want her there any more I guess and she just signed the lease! We found another shop that was opening so we went there. It was in a good location and everyone seemed nice enough. It seemed to take a bit to get things rolling again for money to come in. It was making me crazy. I kept plugging along. I continued working with the tuning forks and things were happening. I don’t think at the time I contributed so much of it to the use of the forks but today, I think they played a huge roll in what was about to happen. I actually wrote a book about it. Dancing Souls Merging Heaven and Earth – The Journey of an Awakening Spirit. It should be coming out within the next two to three months, I hope. Keeping my fingers crossed. It is at least in final edit and the first part is in interior layout. It’s looking great!

Kathleen Flanagan PortraitKathleen Flanagan, CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, Esthetician and Author.