Navigating Skincare Confusion: Unveiling the Truth for Radiant Skin

Posted by Kathleen Flanagan on

There's a barrage of information about what's good or bad for our skin, making it challenging to discern the truth. Advertisers often misrepresent their claims, leaving us skeptical. Having experienced this confusion, I took matters into my own hands, becoming an esthetician to uncover the real insights.

Regardless of what's deemed good for your skin, it's your skin that holds the true answer. Over the years, my skin evolved from a combination type to sensitive. Maturing skin requires treatment based on its condition rather than its type. Using products designed for your skin type might lead to confusion as your skin changes, and you may wonder why it's reacting unexpectedly.

My skin now reacts differently to products than it did in my younger days. To determine a product's suitability, use it exclusively for about two weeks to observe your skin's response. While professional products generally work for most, my skin reacted to some. With patience, I found several lines that suited my skin. If someone recommends a product, ask for a sample to test its compatibility with your skin – the sample period is usually enough to know if it's a match. Embrace this journey of self-discovery for healthy and radiant skin.

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