Unlocking Skin Radiance: The Power of Essential Active Ingredients for a Healthy Glow

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Important Active Ingredients

Allan­toin: Bio­genic skin soft­ener which accel­er­ates heal­ing and improves skin hydration

Ara­binoglac­tan (Galac­toara­bi­nan): Immune stimulating, anti-aging poly­sac­cha­ride with gen­tle stimulating properties

Col­la­gen Ampli­fier Sys­tem: Pep­tide based, stim­u­lates col­la­gen production

Beta Glu­can: Enhances skin immu­nity and wound clos­ing, pro­tects against UV dam­age and hydrates skin

CoQ10: Helps ener­gize new skin cell growth

Decyl Polyglu­co­side: Gen­tle, foam­ing skin cleanser derived from corn

Hyaluronic Acid: Bio­genic mois­tur­iz­ing agent with sig­nif­i­cant water-binding properties

Jojoba Oil: A non-comedogenic, anti-bacterial non-oil that is sim­i­lar to nat­ural human lipids

Lac­tic Acid: Mild alpha hydroxy acid which acts as a skin soft­ener and lightener

NaPCA: A bio­genic humec­tant that holds onto water mol­e­cules to keep skin cells hydrated

Peg-7 Gyc­eryl Cocoate: A refat­ting agent that pre­vents irri­ta­tion from occur­ring dur­ing cleansing

Phos­pho­lipids: Bio­gen­tic skin soft­ener, moisturizing, anti-irritant, improves trans­der­mal penetration

Resor­ci­nol: A pow­er­ful anti-bacterial agent with anti-acne, peel­ing and exfo­li­at­ing properties

Sal­i­cylic Acid: A beta hydroxy acid, breaks up oil and has pow­er­ful skin stim­u­lat­ing and anti-bacterial properties

Squalane: The pre­dom­i­nate lipid found in human skin, extremely pen­e­trat­ing and skin softening

Tocotrienols: Pow­er­ful anti-oxidants form of Vitamin E

Vit­a­min A/Retinol: Improves skin elasticity, epidermal and der­mal thick­en­ing, can help reverse photo dam­age, enhances new skin cell growth, retexturizes

Vit­a­min C: Col­la­gen stim­u­lat­ing, anti-aging, protective, heal­ing, skin soft­en­ing prop­er­ties, helps even skin pigmentation

Vit­a­min D: Impor­tant for skin cell stabilization, improves skin heal­ing and immunity

Vit­a­min E: Mois­tur­izes skin from within, aids tis­sue repair and pro­tects from envi­ron­men­tal stress

Vit­a­min K: Helps sup­port small blood vessels, improves spi­der vein con­di­tions, heals bruising

Forms of Vit­a­min A

Vit­a­min A is the skin’s most impor­tant fat-soluble nutri­ent. It is referred to as a skin cell normalizer.  This means that Vit­a­min A can stim­u­late cell growth for heal­ing and anti-aging effects OR slow down cell growth to improve skin con­di­tions like acne or pso­ri­a­sis. It is avail­able in three main forms:

Retinoic Acid: Rx, stim­u­lates col­la­gen, anti-aging ben­e­fits, con­trols growth of cells (used for acne) exfo­lia­tive, dry­ing and may induce sun reactions

Retinol: non-Rx, sim­i­lar effects as Retinoic Acid but milder

Retinyl Palmi­tate: mois­tur­iz­ing, less effec­tive on cell or fiber growth, sooth­ing and non-exfoliative

Forms of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the skin’s most important water-soluble vitamin. It protects skin from environmental stresses, sun damage and the causes of aging. The immune stimulating properties are well documented, and it helps improve dermal blood supply and may help improve skin pigmentation. It is available in several forms varying in stability and effectiveness.

Ascorbic Acid: water-soluble, anti-oxidant, stays on surface, poor penetration, very poor stability, helps lighten skin and exfoliate dead cells

Ascorbyl Palmitate: fat-soluble (lipophilic), deep penetrating, soothing, softening, moisturizing and healing, best if used topically

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate: fat-soluble (lipophilic), deep penetrating, very moisturizing, healing and soothing, improves skin pigmentation

Stimulation – Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids stimulate and exfoliate the skin. This process encourages fresh layers to the surface and enhances skin tissue growth.

Nourishment – As these younger cells surface, topical nutrients, including vitamins A, C, D, E, K and essential fatty acids nourish and accelerate the growth process.

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