Therapeutic Oil Display

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Beautiful Hand Crafted Display Makes Sense out of Scents

New from Awakening Spirit is their showcase display designed to drive sales on any retail counter or shelf. Measuring only 12 inches high this attractive white pine display is compact enough to fit anywhere. The high-quality, handcrafted display is attractively laminated with point-of-purchase sales information.

Awakening Spirit’s beautiful wooden display is a natural way to introduce the company’s line of aromatherapy Therapeutic Oils while driving retail sales to your business.

Each showcase display is shipped with three stock-keeping units of each Therapeutic Oil synergy.

The Awakening Spirit product line is an affordable addition to the retail environment with the highest level of product integrity and an upscale packaging program. Awakening Spirit’s Therapeutic Oils are bottled in dark cobalt blue glass bottles for light protection. Labels are designed to help sell the line with individual and unique product usage information and the company web address listed for consumer inquires. Therapeutic Oils come in a 1-ounce bottle with a convenient twist cap. The display unit is shipped with 3 of each of 12 Therapeutic Oils (Chill Out for Stress Relief, Sleep Well for Insomnia Relief, Free Flow for Sinus Relief, Lighten Up for PMS Relief, Smooth Moves for Arthritis Pain Relief, Breathe Easy for Asthma Relief, Skin Soother for Eczema Relief, Flu Rescue for Boosting the Immune System, Release Point for High Blood Pressure Relief, Open Up for Bronchitis Relief, Lavender for Whatever Ails You and Happiness in a Bottle.)

The Display Programs are: 36 Therapeutic Oils and the Display is $410.00, plus shipping. Or, 72 Therapeutic Oils which includes the Display is $720.00, plus shipping.

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