Bath Salt

bath-saltsbath salt and rosesOne of the things that make Awakening Spirit’s Bath Salts special is that it is blended with one of the world’s most enchanting ingredients. You can create that WOW effect by unleashing a rich impression through the use of these products. It is designed to last for many seasons, and it can serve for different events. It has a captivating allure that helps you reflect your style, and it also gives you the edge to stand out from the crowd. You can put a spin on the confidence you exude by stepping out with this amazing solution. The time to stay true to your fashion ideals is now. Do make this product a permanent feature in your beauty collections.

Fountain of Youth – The right mix of exclusivity can accentuate your charm and give you an aura of dignity. This Bath Salt is embellished with a charming and an extra-ordinary appeal that makes you look suave. It can turn the tides and give you that standout presence in any event. There is nothing as trendy as combining a fashion masterpiece that has a beautiful design to make a statement. You can use it as your choice item to create lasting bonds everywhere you go. There is nothing to take away from the flow of energy that you enjoy when you rock this product. It is simply in a league above the rest. 8 oz.

Lazy Days – There are memorable times in our lives that fill us with nostalgia. They remind us of the bond we share with those we truly love. This beautifully crafted Bath Salt is simply unique and creates the right effects in your world.  It presents you with the right channel to create a space where your taste and preference rules. You can use this powerful product to create a reality that will make you not to be easily erased in the minds of those in your world. This is your ticket to a place that is full of beauty, grace and positive vibes. It is a worthy investment that will keep you as a pace-setter in very unique ways. 8 oz.

World In Tune – You can travel through the times when you connect with this Bath Salt. It helps you tilt towards a fun and lovely appeal. This means that you do not need to second-guess its use if you want to have fun. You can use this product to spice things up while letting the world know that you can hold your place in style. One of the things that make this a special treat is that you can use it to create the right charm with ease. Every time you need to entrench your personal brand; World in tune Bath Salt remains your best ally to make it happen. It is one unique product that keeps you glowing in style. 8 oz.

Vacation In A Jar – This product has been working its magic for its savvy users since it was introduced into the market. The potency of this Bath Salt has made it one of the most celebrated beauty products in recent times. It sets you on a flight that guarantees that you make rich impressions on the hearts of everyone that you encounter. There is nothing as smooth as blending your values and style in a sublime fashion statement. It sets you apart and makes you a symbol of elegance anywhere you go. The sheer aura that comes from the fragrance of this product will make your day. 8 oz.