Aromatic Medicine Success Story: Managing Vascular Migraines with Essential Oils

Posted by Kathleen Flanagan on

Case Study Using Essential Oils for Migraine Headaches

Explore the transformative journey of Ms. A. as she conquers chronic migraines through the power of aromatic medicine. Learn how a tailored essential oil formula, combined with dietary changes, contributed to a significant improvement in her quality of life.

  1. Understanding the Migraine Type: Discover the pivotal role of understanding Ms. A.'s medical history in diagnosing her non-digestive, vascular migraines.

  2. Dietary Intervention: Delve into the process of identifying and eliminating trigger foods that may exacerbate migraines. Understand the significance of a customized dietary regime in Ms. A.'s holistic treatment plan.

  3. Introducing Essential Oils: Learn about the initial 1% dilution of rosemary (officinalis, ct. Cineol), 2% ginger, and 1% sweet marjoram essential oil blend. Explore the application methods and sequences taught to Ms. A.'s partner for effective at-home use.

  4. Progress and Adjustments: Track Ms. A.'s progress over the course of a month, discovering the adjustments made to the essential oil formula and increased frequency of applications in response to limited improvement.

  5. Charting Improvement: Highlight the use of progress charts as a valuable tool for patients to visualize improvements that might go unnoticed. Emphasize the role of consistent charting in Ms. A.'s treatment journey.

  6. Six-Month Milestone: Celebrate Ms. A.'s remarkable progress, with migraine attacks reduced to one every 14 days. Explore the ongoing monitoring of the essential oil formula and its adjustment to accommodate Ms. A.'s changing needs.

  7. Maintaining Success: Uncover the decision to decrease massage frequency to one application per week and the substitution of ginger with Eucalyptus smythii in the formula. Discuss the sustained improvement in Ms. A.'s condition and the potential role of massage in the overall treatment.

Conclusion: Wrap up the success story by highlighting the collaboration between aromatic medicine and allopathic treatment. Emphasize the complementary approach that has significantly enhanced Ms. A.'s quality of life.

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