Aromatherapy Herbal Soap

Soapssoap and herbsAwakening Spirit uses only the finest essential oils in our spa-quality herbal soap. Our luxurious, mild beauty bar uses coconut and olive oils to moisturize, protect and improve the appearance of your skin. Just relax, take a deep breath and let its alluring aroma help you find your inner balance.

Our Washes are mild and moisturizing. They are made from organic ingredients i.e., coconut and olive oils, essential oils, aloe vera and a special vegetable gum and glycerin extract. Our Washes are free of the synthetic ingredients often found in mass-marketed soap products such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol and Triclosan. These common chemicals are suspected to be harmful to human health and can cause severe skin irritation in some people.


The word castile is a reference to La Castilia – a region in central Spain historically significant in the history of soapmaking. In America, castile means any soap made with olive oil, often a liquid soap made from coconut and olive.

All of our soaps are: Cruelty Free, no animal testing, ethically traded ingredients, sustainably produced, and Made in the USA.

Body Shampoo, Wash and Liquid Hand Soap

Garden Mint – This is the way to go if you want to completely begin to sing a brand new song. It captures the rich essence of the leading brands in the world of beauty. The powerful combination of extracts from some of nature’s best offerings makes it a must-have. The cool effects it leaves on you and the scent of its freshness will make you connect with the deep value that this product gives. If you want to stick to a dynamic beauty routine; the Garden Mint soap is the ideal choice for you. It makes you the cynosure of all eyes. 4 oz.

Lavender – When you want to create that WOW effect without spending a fortune on any beauty product; the Lavender Soap can work the magic for you. It has the rich quality of using ingredients that have been revitalizing the looks of many generations. The fail-safe method of working on your skin and clearing up all the unwanted particles make it sublime. You do not need to worry about any side effects as it is made from natural sources. You can take things a step further by using this as a gift to your loved ones. This product is not just another soap that makes up the numbers; it is the ultimate product of choice for the person of style. 4 oz.

Oatmeal Lavender – There are few products that can exude a rich flavor without putting a strain on your purse. This unique soap is able to combine the raw strength of potent ingredients with the mild touch that it leaves on your skin. You can begin to feel the power of its ingredients exfoliate your skin. It makes you a person that can hold their own no matter the number of people in your world. Most of the components in this soap are known to be the best beauty ingredients in the world. You cannot go wrong when you settle for this choice item that will paint your world in very bright colors. 4 oz.

Body Shampoo, Wash and Liquid Hand Soap

Citrus Sensation – The power of nature is fully expressed in the organically formulated shampoo. It gives you the treatment that leaves you feeling fresh and healthy. This product has enjoyed wide acceptance in the International market, and it has one of the highest qualities that you can find in the world. The perfect blend, smooth effect, organic components and nourishing value of this product is simply. It allows you to accentuate your charm while making everyone experience the aura of your unique fashion sense. There is nothing that beats the ascent to a place of greater visibility with the help of this Shampoo. 8 oz.

Peaceful Pleasures – This sublime product is made up of a group of top line ingredients that give you the right vigor. When you need to look good in order to reflect your ideals in your world, this is the Shampoo of choice. It is custom designed to meet the yearnings of people who want something special but packed with rich benefits. It is the classy body shampoo that makes the savvy individual to keep rocking their world. Your quest for a good luxury beauty product is fully met in Peaceful Pleasures Body Shampoo. It is the unique item that spells excellence in every way. 8 oz.

Lavender Wash – The purity, the essence and the therapeutic effects of Lavender is richly blended in this product. It heals, moisturizes and keeps your skin in the right tone. This is a uniquely formulated wash that is full of organic materials. Your skin is able to absorb the rich nourishment and these results in a glow that you cannot get if you use other beauty products. A supple, youthful and velvety skin can be yours when you know how to connect with this wonder-working product. It gives you the radiating effects that make you the center of your world. 8 oz.

Moorish Miracle – You do not need to keep calm when you find a powerful beauty product that lights up your world. This is the best kept secret for those who want to cut a youthful look. The world revolves around those who know how to reflect their grandeur and entrench their brand. The power of your image or the aura that you create defines YOU. Moorish Miracle is all about luxury, precision, and class. It makes you stand out in every way. Its potency has made us become the signature item for many leading beauticians. It has a unique touch that helps you reflect your poise.  8 oz.

Orange Wash – The scent and the feel of this wash make it your ideal choice if you want something cozy. It is not in the class of the average products that line up the shelves. This is one of the master beauty products that will leave you looking refreshingly different. You can begin to glow, radiate and call the shots in your world. Orange Wash makes you to keep your shine without aging. No one who has used this product has failed to commend its unique power to revitalize anyone’s looks. This is the time to do what you have always desired; it is time to settle for a product that truly brings out your beauty. 8 oz.