A Holistic Approach to Managing Recurrent Cystitis: A Case Study of Ms. S.

Posted by Kathleen Flanagan on

Ms. S., a 20-year-old with recurrent cystitis, faced persistent challenges despite conventional treatments failing to eliminate the bacteria causing her condition. In response, the clinic opted for a complementary approach to address her obvious pain, anxiety, and high frequency of urination, coupled with irritation in the vaginal mucosa.

The initial step involved assessing the impact of her diet on the condition. Adjustments were made, focusing on nutrient-rich, fresh, unprocessed foods such as steamed vegetables, salads with celery and parsley, natural whole grains, and a significant reduction in meat consumption to alleviate stress on the kidneys.

To boost Ms. S.'s immune system, her diet was tailored to include 1.5–2 liters of water daily, along with herbal teas like sage, rosehip, and golden rod infusion. Additionally, a specific hygiene regimen was implemented, featuring a bottle washing program and the application of infused waters from Calendula officinalis to the genital area after each toilet visit.

A targeted formula comprising 1 drop of Thymus satureiodes, 1 drop of ginger, and 1 drop of manuka in 60 ml of calendula cream was applied dermally to the area around the bladder once a day for 10 days. A heat pad, set at level 2, was placed over the application for ten minutes. Ms. S. also incorporated a course of acidophilus tablets, taking one tablet three times a day.

Bach flower remedies, a staple in the clinic's holistic approach, were recommended for Ms. S., resulting in positive outcomes. The comprehensive treatment plan yielded swift improvements in the severity of her cystitis and a remarkable enhancement in her overall health.

Since initiating this holistic treatment, Ms. S. has experienced a notable reduction in cystitis severity, showcasing the effectiveness of a natural and integrated approach to urinary health.

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