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Awakening Spirit’s massage oils use a 1% dilution rate in almond oil with Vitamins A, C & E. Each blend works effectively without over powering your massage experience. Sweet almond oil is good for all skin types. It contains vitamins A, B6, B2, and E. The protein relieves itching and dryness. It is good for burns and couperous skin. All the blends soothe the body and calm the mind.

Earth Massage Oil – The first word that comes to mind when you use this product is – Splendid. It has captured the rich essence of the leading massage oils in the world, and it tops the game with its rich scent. You can fill your space with the amazing aura, flow, and precision when you let this oil work its magic. A simple application on your skin will like you know that you have connected with one of the best beauty products in the world. It can hold its place when placed side by side with the massage oils that have enjoyed rave reviews over the years. It is time to count your blessings and begin to take advantage of what this dynamic massage oil can give. 8 oz.

Invigorating Massage Oil – The quest to look good as your fashion models or beauty icons has never become so easy. You can begin to upgrade your beauty routine right now with the addition of the invigorating massage oil to your collections. It has the capacity to give you a trendy feel which can make you hold a strong appeal in your world. This product is ideal for the person who stays at home to unwind to the busy executive who travels around the world. It can help you to experience the cozy effects of healing, transformation, and beauty all in one swoop. 8 oz.

Heaven Scent Massage Oil – Feel the bliss, the grandeur, the poise and the panache. This can be your custom application if you want to live in a world where there are no limits. A step into what this oil can give will show you that it is the secret of high performers and high flyers. We live in a very busy world where you need the right products to keep you going. Your busy lifestyle can be fully supplemented, and you can enjoy each waking day with the use of this oil. When you look at the investments you make in other areas in your life; you will see that taking care of your body with the use of this oil remains one of the best moves that you can make. 8 oz.

Lavender Massage Oil – The richness and the beauty of lavender has been one of the secrets of those who have a glowing look. This nature’s offering becomes even more potent as it is blended into a unique formulation. When you apply it on your skin, you will feel the pulsating energy as it reverberates through your system. This is the key that unlocks the beauty that is trapped within your soul. It helps you to look different, stay sharp and keep radiating your warmth anywhere you go. People call this an amazing product, but we call it the major tool to paint your world in very bright colors. 8 oz.

Muscle Massage Oil – There is nothing as beautiful as giving your body a wonderful treat that can make it function optimally. You do not need to wait till you visit the spa or gym before you begin to put things in the right frame. With the help of this massage oil, you can explore the enchanting horizons that only a few in the world can have access to. This product helps you stay clear of issues such as muscle cramp, strained nerves and other things that can slow you down. A single application will give you a warm and amazing feeling that will make you full of verve. 8 oz.

Relax! – When your body is beginning to ask questions, you can quench its desire by relaxing your nerves with this iconic massage oil. It has the power to give you the rich flow of blood in all your veins. You can begin to experience the energy, the vitality and the power that can only come from this product. It has become one of the leading names in the world of therapeutic healing. Most experts who have made use of this massage oil attest to the fact that it leads the other products from the competition in every range. When you want something that will give you the right effects with precision, this is the way to go. 8 oz.

Sensuality Massage Oil – Building intimacy with the ones we love has been an age-long desire of man. It gets cozier when you find a great massage oil that helps you fulfill your fantasies. This product is the master in the game of relieving your body of tension and making you full of vigor. Everyone can take advantage of this massage oil to feel the power of youth and explore new dimensions of fun. Anyone who loves adventure will find this product to be one of the most important finds in recent times. Every ingredient that is used in its formulation gives you that amazing flow that beats what you find with other oils. 8 oz.

Tummy Rub Massage Oil – Every woman can make the most of this oil to deal with stretch marks. Also, it can be used for other therapeutic purposes after a woman gives birth. The smooth and nicely scented make-up of this oil means that it can work on different skin types. Beyond its use in the life of women, any man who wants to enjoy a radiant skin can make use of this oil. It is the nourishing benefits that will keep you standing tall in your world. Tummy Rub Massage Oil is your ideal choice if you want to keep looking chic. 8 oz.

Slip On Massage Crème – The healing and rejuvenation of the body take a whole new meaning with this powerfully blended crème that contains natural extracts. It helps to calm the soreness in the muscles and relieves your body of any pain. It is a good companion for those who work long hours and stretch their body. You can take advantage of the ingredients that has deep roots in the way people have been able to master the treatment of the body. A single touch of this crème on your body will give you that revitalizing effect that you cannot find in any other range. 8 oz.

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