Therapeutic Oils

Awakening Spirit’s 100% pure Therapeutic Oils are made with the fragrant, highly concentrated, volatile extracts of flowers, leaves, spices, fruits, woods and roots. Our Therapeutic Oils work with the body, mind and spirit – helping to create the alignment needed for optimum health. Essential oils can be very expensive, resulting in widespread adulteration of the essences in the production of aromatherapy products. Many manufacturers use very little actual product yet market themselves as aromatherapy lines. We go to great lengths to select the highest quality essential oils from around the world and utilize the very best formulations and applications available.

There are many beneficial ways to use our Therapeutic Oils. Whether you choose to inhale the scents or utilize their properties by direct application to the skin – Awakening Spirit’s specially blended synergies will awaken all the senses as they heal and restore the body mind.

Awakening Spirit’s Therapeutic Oils mutually enhance the respective powers of the individual essential oil used, amplifying the vibration and healing energy of the synergy. This high level of potency utilizes founder Kathleen Flanagan’s years of experience in the art of blending. Awakening Spirit’s selection of Therapeutic Oils is each designed for a specific purpose.

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