Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oils and flowersAll of our essential oils, CO2 extracts and absolutes are available in sample sizes. Our samples come in glass vials and hold about 1 ml.

Basil (Sweet) Fennel Lime Petitgrain
Bergamot Fir Needle Mandarin (Red) Pine (Scotch)
Black Pepper Frankincense Marjoram (Sweet) Rose
Cajeput Geranium Melissa Rose Geranium
Camphor Ginger Myrrh Rosemary
Cedarwood Grapefruit Myrtle (Red) Sage
Chamomile (Roman) Helichrysum Neroli Sandalwood
Cinnamon Leaf Jasmine Nutmeg Spearmint
Citronella Juniper Berry Orange (Sweet) Tangerine
Clary Sage Lavandin Oregano Tea Tree
Clovebud Lavender Palmarosa Thyme
Cypress Lemon Patchouli Vanilla
Eucalyptus Lemongrass Peppermint Vetiver
Ylang Ylang #1

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Essential oils are the life force of the plant. They are subtle, volatile liquids distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds containing hormone-like properties and natural antiseptics. Each oil has its own curative power on the body and mind. Essential oils are not oily, but are more like water. They are generally transparent and can be various colors. They are soluble in alcohol, oils and fats, but not water. Essential oils can have a shelf life up to six years. They contain oxygenating molecules which transport nutrients to the cells of the body. These molecules can help the body receive and assimilate nutrients to maintain health.

All of our essential oils are pure, natural and undiluted. They should be diluted before use. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the safety precautions prior to using essential oils.

We also sell numerous absolutes and CO2 extracts. Absolutes are essential oils that have been solvent extracted, with the solvent being evaporated off at the end of the process. Absolutes are often used for delicate flowers such as rose and jasmine. Absolutes have the benefit of not being heated during the extraction process. This creates an essential oil with a fragrance that is often times more true to the original flower.

CO2 extracts are aromatic oils that have been extracted from plant materials using carbon dioxide under pressure. It is also known as supercritical extractions. The advantage is that the process takes place at low temperatures and the oil is not affected by heat. CO2 is virtually inert and there are no chemical reactions between the solvent and the oils. The solvent is removed by releasing pressure. Therefore, the process is nontoxic and odorless allowing a broader spectrum of the aromatic components to be close to the original plant material fragrance without the use of chemical solvents. CO2 extracts tend to have a longer lasting and a more potent aroma than their steam distilled counterparts.

We have searched long and hard, to bring you these high quality oils at reasonable prices. Please enjoy them and have fun sharing your essential oil creations with your friends and loved ones. Creating essential oil blends is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing thing you can do for yourself.

If the oil you are looking for is not on the list, be sure to contact us. We more than likely have it in stock or can obtain it for you. 303-518-1638

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